It's not often I get to photograph extended families (besides my own family), so when a childhood friend asked me to take their family's photos, I was really excited! 

I think a lot. I'm that person. I'm a dreamer and I tend to over-think most things in life. So as I was editing these photos, of course my mind was still running. I thought about the childhood memories I had with this family. Stories like Dewey Carey giving me a dime for being polite. Or that time Crystal and I had a sleepover and we called the radio to play a song. Then we proceeded to wait by the radio for an hour or so until they played it. 

We may not have grown up with video games all the time (well, we DID take turns playing Pac Man), but we grew up in the most beautiful playground ever created. So naturally I thought, "I love taking these photos in a place that is meaningful to this family." Besides the beauty of the location, I also thought about the stories and legacies that are STILL being created within this family. 

We were able to add to those memories with these photos....and what better way to end the night than with birthday cake and homemade ice cream? 

Also, props to my amazing husband for being my assistant and taking the first photo of this house with his wide angle lens. He's got skills people.