Stephanie and I have been friends for a long time now. At least 17 years. That makes me feel old. She's one of the first friends who introduced me to make-up.  I still don't wear a lot of make-up, if any at all. Steph's all sparkles and glitter. Which makes it perfect for her to have a daughter. 

Stephanie and John got married last year and now have a beautiful baby girl, Emily Rae.  I love capturing real life experiences so for me to be a part of this day with these two was really special. 

In the midst of a family tragedy, God brought this beautiful life into the world. A tiny little soul that brings joy, beauty, hope, and peace to this family that experienced a deep loss shortly before Emily's arrival. Yes, there will still be sorrow. And yes, I know you'll wish this small life could be shared with the one who recently left this world. But Emily Rae's grandmother, Jody Rae, is honored to share her name with her granddaughter. And she will be watching you guys raise Emily, and waiting for the day she'll be able to reunite with you in a place where there's no pain. 

And it was pretty cool to have my own sister in the room too --now Emily Rae and my sister share the same birthday :) Here are a few of the photos taken on July 12, 2015.