A few years ago my man and I started planning camping trips. Each trip we would purchase something else that was necessary for camping. So the first trip was our tent. And one meal. Our first camping trip was a cheat camping trip. We hung out by a lake, went to starbucks and the drive-in, at out most of the time and made one simple meal. 

Every trip since then we learn more and more about camping. Camping in sun, camping in rain, camping with a fire, camping with firewood that won't light because it's damp, camping with raccoons that steal your s'mores...you get the picture. 

This summer we took our 4th or 5th camping trip, with 2 other couples. It was a blast. Between the 6 of us we made every meal (and can I just say that camping food is DELICIOUS!) We swam, jumped off rocks, went boating and kayaking, hiked a waterfall. Most of all it was just relaxing. Even though it was short, it was a much needed break for the two of us.

Now we just need to plan our next camping trip. Any suggestions??