This family. I had the privilege of meeting them a couple years ago right when they moved to the area. This family loves music, family, friends, cultures. But above all things that represent who they are, their love for their Lord is evidenced in everything they do. They have been through so much over the years and no matter what happens, they have trusted God to provide for them, to place them where He wants them to be. 

In August I had the honor of taking their family photos before their oldest daughter left for an adventure in a new country. Wish I could have gone with her, but I'm so excited for her opportunity! Lately I've been living my travel desires vicariously through those around me. Hoping to travel again one day soon, even if it's just to a nearby state. 

Anyways, back to their family photos. We had a great time on this beautiful, relaxing August evening. The wind gently brushed our faces and the sun beautifully illuminated each of those in these images. I'm already looking forward to taking their family pictures again one day.