Snow in Augusta is rare. The last time it snowed was two years earlier, when we had the "snowpocalypse" and "icemageddon" storms. You know, a crazy snow storm (that never comes our way) and a crazy ice storm (that we occasionally have, but not the crazy seven-day-power-outage-tree-falling-transformer-blowing-kind). So when snow is on the weather radar, we we like kids who were just released from school for summer. 

It was supposed to snow in the middle of the night. My husband, even though he's a pessimist, wanted to see it falling, if it actually snowed. So he set an alarm for 4am so we could walk outside and see the snow. It did snow and was pretty, but I was tired. We walked outside for a few minutes, then headed straight back to the warm covers to catch some more zzz's. And when we woke up a few hours later, it was still falling, even more beautiful than 4 in the morning. (Ya think we could have just slept a little longer and woken a little earlier, huh?? Yeah that would have been a good idea.)

We went outside to take a few photos of snowflakes and to just enjoy it for a little while. I'm glad we did. My snowflake photos are by no means perfect. When you're trying to capture flakes that melt quickly and are generally clumped together, it makes it difficult! But the attempt was fun :) By lunchtime the snow was melted, but I sure am glad we saw those beautiful little flakes covering our yard for those few hours.