As a photographer, I generally get annoyed with Pinterest. Yeah, I'll admit that I spend time looking through (and pinning) so many cool DIY projects, recipes, and adventurous travel locations. But I try to avoid looking through Pinterest for photography ideas simply because I want to create my own work of art. I don't just want to copy what someone else has done previously. 

That being said, this session with Paige was soooo much fun. We spent a little over an hour together and loved every minute! It was a sweet taste of Springtime and warmer weather. For her session, Paige found ideas on Pinterest and sent them to me. I don't normally do this (and won't do it often) but we worked WITH Pinterest as opposed to copying the images we shared. 

A few ways we accomplished this: 

1. Outfits. We talked about outfits and colors that would complement Paige's skin tone. She has beautiful skin and beautiful eyes...that's what we worked with! One of the outfits in the handful of photos we shared on Pinterest was white, this was one of the outfits we went with. So if you're choosing outfits, don't just copy the colors of the outfits because of what you see in a Pinterest photo...pick a color that looks good on YOU. 

2. Location! In the 10 photos we reviewed on Pinterest, the majority of them were in or around water. We picked a location that we knew would have water, light, color, and a variety of backgrounds. It doesn't have to be exactly the same as what you've seen before. Trust your photographer to know the locations in the area. 

3. Props. While you don't want to copy the photos to a T, Pinterest is a great way to get ideas about props. One photo we saw used a chair...Paige had this beautiful little chair that was easy to carry to our location and was perfect for the overall look of the photos. I am not a photographer who uses props all the time, but I LOVE it when a client brings props or shares their vision for their photo session. 

Overall it was the best start to Spring sessions! So thankful I was able to work with this beautiful girl! 

Hair: Ali Shelnut
Make-up: Makeup by Amani