Two + years ago, Erica and I were busy with her wedding plans, bridal photos and more. Looking back over the past two years, it's crazy to think how we (and things) have changed. Erica's hair & make-up business has grown because of her passion to do what she loves, in a place that promotes growth and encouragement ( Studio 285 ). You can follow her instagram handle to see some of her work: @elawlessat285 . More recently, she and Zac have grown their little family AND built a house to call their own. 

For me, I can see how much my own photography has changed and grown. I'm constantly learning what I love in photography (posing, sessions, weddings, etc) and what I want to try (projects, goals, editing, photography techniques, genres). My man and I are expanding our family this year, hoping to sell our house, trying to become debt free and live our dreams. (What are those dreams?...we are still trying to find that out ourselves.) 

Being able to grow with friends really is priceless. And for me, watching that growth through my own photography (or attempt at videography ) is even more exciting. One of these days I will post Erica and Zac's engagement and wedding photos. :) 

What are your dreams? How have you grown during the past couple of years?