It's been awhile since I've blogged. Since our baby is finally here (yay!) and we are getting accustomed to some sort of routine and schedule, my goal is to blog on a few of the sessions I've had this past year.

This family session was shot last week (or should I say, last year). Although the majority of the images given to this family were in color, I chose to create a blog post that is dedicated to the black and white images. 

I have always loved black and white photos. The story they tell is different than that of color's story. The depth of the image, the texture, the composition, the light in the eyes. I think all these things are illuminated by eliminating color. Black and white images omit some of the distractions, they enhance your eye's perception of the subject. 

So in honor of my love of black and white pictures, and my love of this sweet family, here are those beautiful images of their beautiful faces. It's been such a blessing to know these guys as long as I have. <3