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Ways to display your images - Memory Box

I love things I can hold. Things that have substance, texture, smell and depth. I'm always looking for things that are fun and creative for our home, but also for clients. One of those things I found last year is a memory box. This is a fun way to display a few images from a special time in your life (like a wedding, vacation, anniversary, 1 year photo session, etc).

I chose a handful of photos from a wedding I shot last Fall to add to this beautiful box.  The images printed were thick and durable. This particular box could hold up to 100 images printed at regular thickness as well. (I'll save thoughts on printing for another time.) 

This box was hand stained and engraved for the bride and groom. Boxes can be stained in different shades - to me, the darker stain seemed to match the rich colors of the images printed for the display.  

Aside from framing photos, I love this option to display your images. This allows friends and family to see more than one image...and it could be a fun conversation starter as well.